injury prevention
injury prevention

Athletic Tape

Athletic tape can be used for bracing old or new injuries as well as offers support for unstable joints.


Kinesiotape has many purposes and can be used in different ways. Kinesiotape can help decrease pain by lifting the skin and increasing blood flow to painful regions, assist in tendon function, lengthen tight muscles groups, facilitate a muscle to fire properly, mechanically alter dysfunctional joints, and significantly decrease inflammation and bruising.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

These different shaped metal tools are the key to decreasing muscle adhesions, scar tissue and increasing range of motion. By scraping over large muscle groups or even small joint areas where scar tissue has formed, we can break down the tension to decrease stiffness and increase motion.

NormaTec- Recovery Pants

Say goodbye to sore, stiff legs when you have a session in these NormaTec recovery pants. These pants will keep your legs feeling fresh and strong no matter how hard you have worked out the day before. By compressing different muscle groups in calculated stages and elevating the legs, you will have a decrease in lymphatic drainage as well as lactic acid.

TENS- Electrical Stimulation for Pain Relief and Muscle Activation

Electrical stimulation offers multiple uses- from decreasing pain to helping a muscle contract, this modality is great for any athlete looking to maximize their performance or even to regain muscle function after an injury.